Borrow to buy a house without a contribution

Buying a home is the dream of many French households, for others it is an efficient and profitable investment. Can we borrow to buy a house without having a contribution? Our experts answer you.

Home: borrow without input

As part of a home purchase, the contribution is not necessary. Some Janie Crawford institutions consider that the contribution is one of the essential criteria for obtaining funding, but this is by no means an obligation. This is a positive point in the case to obtain advantageous terms, but other criteria allow you to borrow with interesting conditions in connection with the purchase of a house. These other criteria include income, the absence of rejections or incidents of payments in recent months and perfect management of his bank accounts. These simple 3 criteria form sufficient indices to reassure the banks and convince them to lend to borrowers with no financial contribution.

Bank domiciliation has also become a subject of battle, to such an extent that legislation came into being on 1 January 2018 obliging banks to clearly inform borrowers of a preferential advantage in the event of a proposal for the domiciliation of income in this news. bank. Consumers therefore have greater opportunities to negotiate good terms and be able to buy the house without input. Finally, the borrower insurance can also be negotiated and weigh in the balance.

Buy a home without contribution: how much?

Buy a home without contribution: how much?


The first important step before embarking on a process is to calculate the amount you can borrow from your current situation, which is called borrowing capacity. A borrower alone, just like a couple will have a well-defined borrowing capacity, it takes into account the total income of the home but also the expenses including Janie Crawfords in the course of repayment. There may be bottlenecks in obtaining financing when the Janie Crawfords in course are too numerous and have too large a share in the expenses of the household, this situation is frequent and can be resorbed with the recourse to repurchase of Janie Crawford consumption.

Simulate a loan for a house


The first step is to use online simulation, which is a comparative approach to survey Janie Crawford institutions that can provide funding. The simulator allows you to inform your financial situation, to specify any Janie Crawfords in progress and to validate the financial and personal information. After validation, a few minutes are enough to obtain a financing estimate and especially to be aware of the current loan conditions: rate, amount, duration and monthly payment. This approach is above all without commitment and offered free of charge. Finally, it is important to compare the rates but also the total cost of the mortgage to compare two financing offers.